Friday, March 11, 2005
A little bit about me...
I have seen this done on many other blogs and I like the idea. I thought I would put together a list as a way to introduce myself and give my readers a bit of background on me. So, here it is - 100 things about me...

1. I am in my late twenty's.
2. I married the man of my dreams in 1999.
3. I have a dog.
4. I have a cat.
5. I am an only child.
6. I work a full-time job.
7. I have a college education.
8. I am a Scorpio.
9. I can be obsessive compulsive.
10. I like to drink red wine and take long baths.
11. I love to read.
12. I like music and know all the words to my favorite songs, but can never name the artist.
13. I am good at math.
14. I love to sleep in.
15. I sleep on flannel sheets year round.
16. I let my pets sleep on my bed and I feed them from the table.
17. I love our home.
18. I love to watch the sunrise but I hate mornings.
19. I am tall and thin.
20. I have had the same best friend for almost 15 years.
21. I am afraid of water.
22. I hate to clean the bathroom.
23. I love warm (not hot) black coffee.
24. I am shy.
25. I can’t live without my cell phone.
26. I’ve never been pregnant.
27. I love cold Corona and fresh lime on a hot summer day.
28. I am horrible at picking up after myself.
29. I love baseball.
30. I hate football.
31. I was an athlete when I was young and now I can’t get myself to go to the gym.
32. I am almost blind in my left eye.
33. I have never had a traffic ticket.
34. I have been pulled over once but just got a warning.
35. I don’t like to fly.
36. I love to cook dinner with my husband.
37. I was a snack bar attendant, a secretary, a reservation sales agent, a hotel employee, a waitress, and a bartender before I finished my degree.
38. I love to ski but never go.
39. I like to picnic in the park.
40. I get a rash on my chest when I am excited, nervous, or angry.
41. I don’t speak to two of my bridesmaids anymore.
42. I like brussel sprouts, asparagus, artichokes, and spinach.
43. I lived with my husband before we were married.
44. I talk to my parents at least three times a week and sometimes daily.
45. I have a very high tolerance for pain.
46. I whine sometimes.
47. I am a procrastinator.
48. I love Mexican food.
49. The smell of liver and onions cooking will make me throw up.
50. I have had over 25 roommates – I only keep in touch with two of them.
51. Most of my friends are at least ten years older than me.
52. I knew my great-grandmother.
53. My favorite flower is the tulip.
54. I watch too much television.
55. I love to lie in the sun and I don’t wear enough sunscreen.
56. I am scared of snakes.
57. I like to eat a huge breakfast on Sunday mornings and then take a nap.
58. I don’t know how to play tennis or golf but I would like to learn.
59. I have a hard time staying committed to a hobby.
60. I used to drink a six-pack of Dr. Pepper every day.
61. I bite my nails.
62. I hate to shave.
63. I have had crab legs on my birthday every year since I was four.
64. I don’t like elevators.
65. I have had two friends my age die.
66. I gained fifteen pounds fall semester of my freshman year.
67. I lost fifteen pounds spring semester of my freshman year.
68. I have visited a friend in jail.
69. I love root beer floats and Heath Bar Blizzards.
70. My parents are still married to each other and so are my husband’s.
71. I like to climb trees.
72. I don’t like anything that contains artificial sweetener.
73. I am not afraid to stick up for what I believe.
74. I know how to drive a stick.
75. I brush my teeth in the shower.
76. I have been outside the US twice.
77. I will eavesdrop on your conversation if you talk loud enough.
78. I love 7-11 nachos after a night at the bar.
79. I think my father is brilliant.
80. I like to drive with the sunroof open and the heat blasting on a sunny winter day.
81. I have called in sick to work and spent all day in my pajamas when I was perfectly healthy.
82. I like to pull out the hide-a-bed in the living room and watch movies for hours.
83. I love the smell of rain and I am scared of thunder.
84. I am fanatical about finances and having good credit.
85. I hate public restrooms.
86. I skipped a grade in elementary school.
87. I love my husband’s family and he loves mine.
88. I can’t sleep if I am hot.
89. I have cheated on a test and been caught.
90. I love to take long showers.
91. I get hysterical when I throw up.
92. I have watched Good Will Hunting over 100 times.
93. I like to play in the snow and I hate to drive in it.
94. I am easily frustrated.
95. I love vacations in Mexico.
96. I always wear my seatbelt.
97. I love to cook dinner for our friends.
98. In the winter I can’t live without socks, warm pajamas, hot tea and my fireplace.
99. It takes very little to amuse me and a great deal to shock me.
100. I am scared that I will never be a mother.


Anonymous Alison said...

I don't know you but reading your blog makes me want to know you. Your honesty is sweet. I can relate to #100 but I tell myself that there is a really good reason I'm not a mom today. The hard part is finding out that reason. Best wishes to you and your family. I'll check back!

Blogger Sarah said...

This prompted me to start my own 100 things about me list. I can relate to many of yours. And some, I'm total opposite! I can totally relate to #100.

Blogger kell said...

i love this list, what a great idea!

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