Tuesday, March 29, 2005
The wait...
... I am now in what we in Infertile Land like to call the two week wait. By my estimation I am now 2 or 3 days past ovulation and am waiting "patiently" for day 14 so I will know if I am pregnant or not. Taking a break from the temping, the charting and the Clomid this month has really helped me emotionally. I think maybe I will put down the thermometer for a couple more moths and just stick to the OPK's.

Three days until we leave for Mexico! It should be just the little diversion that I need. I can't wait to bake in the sun and sleep on the beach and go snorkeling. I wish we were going for longer than five days, but that is all the time we had and all the $$ we could afford to spend.


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