Tuesday, September 27, 2005
4 Down...
4 days…  I can’t believe that I have made it four freaking days!!! And, I feel great.  Not okay, not good, I feel great.  The cravings are still there (especially right now as I sip on a lovely glass of wine) but they are fewer and farther between.  I drove the whole way to work and didn’t even think about how bad I wanted to smoke – I just jammed out to the radio.  My non-smoking co-workers and friends are super proud of me and very supportive.  I found a cookbook today that I am going to order online.  It is called How to Quit Smoking and Not Gain Weight Cookbook. It looks like it is no longer being printed so I am going have to buy a slightly used version.  I read an article written by the author (who is a nutritionist) and it really peaked my interest.  Hopefully I can get it here before I pack on 100 lbs!

On the TTC front – nothing much new going on.  I am enduring the 2WW the best that I can.  I am very busy at work trying to tie up all the loose ends in my current section so that I can move to my new section on Monday.  I can’t wait to work with a new group of people and to have some new things to do. The biggest bummer about the whole situation is that my new section sits in the shittiest portion of the whole floor – short cubicle walls and COMPLETELY interior.  Not a window in sight!  I am glad that the days are getting shorter, hopefully that will make the transition easier.

Okay – well I am off to watch the season premier of Am*zing Race.  Next up – I promise to answer this tag!


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