Sunday, September 11, 2005
The Next Step...
What a weekend! Husband's birthday was fantastic. We went to Benihana's for dinner and gorged ourselves on sushi, sake bombers and Japanese food. We were joined by three sets of friends and had a fantastic time. We spent most of Saturday nursing a wicked hangover and managed to do pretty much nothing all day long. I did manage to make it over to my friend Tam's house. She was put together a clothing drive for the Katrina victims that are being housed at one of the defunct air force bases in the town where I live. You can't believe the amount of stuff that she collected! We managed to fill a large moving truck, five SUVs and two pick-ups with clothes and household items. There were tons of people there to help and the whole thing was pretty overwhelming. Today I spent the afternoon going through our closets and cleaning out all the old clothes. I have put together four boxes of stuff to donate in the next drive!

Husband is very excited about opening day for football. The TV has been on non-stop since 11:00 and I think he has managed to catch a few minutes of every game. He is such a child in a candy shop today! The best part is that I broke down and bought him a laptop for his birthday. Like I imagined, he has spent the entire day wired into the network checking on his fantasy team's progress. I finally managed to steal the machine away from him for a few minutes so that I could do an update on my blog. I promise that sometime this week I am going to get my links updated. There are a few that have gone away and I would like to organize them into categories so that my friends that want to avoid reading pregnancy blogs are able to.

That brings me to the TTC update. I am currently CD4 and will start my Cl0mid tomorrow night. We are going to use the same protocol this month that we have been and we are super hopeful that the third try is a charm. If this doesn't work we will do a "re-group" and decide what to do next.

I found out this weekend that three people I know are expecting. My friend J that lives down the street is ~8 weeks along with her first, she got pregnant pretty easy considering her husband is a pilot and is quite frequently away from home. My friend K also managed to get herself knocked. I am pretty excited for her, but she has a very long road ahead of her and will certainly need some prayers. She has a double cervix and will have to be stiched up in the near future to help get her to term. She is also overweight and is already dealing with elevated blood sugar levels and blood pressure, she is currently ~6 weeks. The third person is the nasty, alcoholic, worthless piece of shit that lives next door to a friend of mine. This is her second pregnancy since we have been TTC. She got lucky with her daughter and although she drank and smoked through the whole pregnancy her daughter ended up healthy. I hope that she is as lucky this time around.

I have a crazy work week ahead of me... I will try to check in as much as I can!


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