Thursday, August 11, 2005
Where is my pot of gold...?
Rain always seems to bring out the worst in the drivers that live in my city. Yesterday was no exception. It took me over an hour to get home from work, but at least I had something beautiful to look at while I sat in traffic:

There are actually two rainbows there, the dark control rainbow and the light second rainbow... and I swear it isn't an evaporation rainbow! The sky is definitely pregnant! (Sorry, that joke was really bad, but I just couldn't resist!)

This morning I woke with a raging headache. I suppose it could be the hormones, but I am thinking it probably has more to do with the two and a half glasses of GN Shiraz that I had last night! I also seem to be having another cycle like this one?! I think I will bring it up with Nurse NAN when she calls me today. I just think it is weird to have a 33 day cycle and virtually no bleeding.


Blogger Jamila said...

so pretty!!

Sure that was 2.5 GLASSES of Shiraz, and not BOTTLES? ;)

So what's the plan for this cycle?

Anonymous b said...

Awesome photo. Glad you pointed out there were two rainbows, my eyes immediately went to the most prominent one only.

Blogger PJ said...

Great picture P.

Of course the infertiles are trained to see that second line, no matter how faint it is :)

Blogger Mellie said...

Loved the silly pg sky joke. Rainbows always make me smile.

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