Wednesday, August 03, 2005
In a desperate effort to cut my 2WW down to a 1WW I brought work back to the hotel with me:

Can you think of a better set up? Too bad I can't spend all 40 hours of the work week like this. Of course, if I did I would be a big fat alcoholic... but I would be happy :o) I am busting my ass trying to get all my work done so that I can go to Steamboat tomorrow afternoon and GO HOME on Sunday with Husband - For. Good.

Keep you fingers crossed for me. Gotta go get some grub and another beer. I am cashed out.


Anonymous Z said...

i'm envious of that setup! too bad i'm an elementary school librarian and couldn't do the same.

Blogger PJ said...

That is a great setup.

I hope you get everything done and can go home for good.

Anonymous anne said...

I hope you got everything done- enjoy your weekend and enjoy the fact you do not have to travel anymore. What a huge relief for you!!

Blogger Suz said...

That is a nice set-up...I should post pictures of my Marriott too so we can compare!

Blogger zhl said...

Hi P.,
Just popping over to say hi and thanks for your kind words.

Love the setup.

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