Monday, July 11, 2005
Here I am...

Finally, I have a chance to sit down and clear my head! I should preface this message by telling you that I have had almost a whole bottle of this:

Also, I am watching the most hilarious episode of this! God bless high speed internet and cable in the hotel.

As far as the me update... arrangements have FINALLY been made for my grandfather. The family is doing it up right and giving him the full military burial that he deserves and I will be attending. The sacrifice? This cycle. Unfortunately I will be two states away during ovulation. I have left my Clomid stranded at the pharmacy and my ovaries are sleeping soundly. I can't believe that I am taking ANOTHER BREAK! Husband won't be traveling with me (it's going to be a Daddy/Daughter event) and I will be out of town for work the four days before I leave so there is pretty much no chance this month.

I have decided that Nurse Needs A Nickname deserves a medal! I left her a message this morning indicating that I would be taking the cycle off and that I would call her at the start of the next. She called me back at 5:30 this evening to make sure that I was "okay" and to see if "I needed to talk". I heart her and if I ever see her out I will buy her a drink.

I got one of those phone calls that every infertile dreads today.... the "oops, pull and pray doesn't work that well and I am pregnant" call. Yup. Couldn't believe it. I love my friend and I am sure that she will be a great mom, but are you fucking kidding me?!

Seems like there are good things going on out there! I am SOOOOOOO happy for Julie! PS - I want the name of your agency, can you email it to me? And, one of my internet infertile friends delivered a healthy baby girl late last week. Congrats Tiff! And my real life friend Cajun is FINALLY getting married! I am so happy for her and I love her fiance - he ROCKS - even if it took him FOREVER to take the plunge :o)

Good news for me? Seems my insurance covered all of my last cycle except the Clomid, the wash, and the insemination. Cha-Ching... I am all about the $300 IUI! My pocket book hearts insurance loopholes :o) What are the chances that will happen again?

CSI is a re-run... and it is just WRONG to have this movie on ABC! Everything good about the movie is edited out - is just way to crass to make it on a major network. On the upside... my favorite movie is on A&E tomorrow.

Enough rambling... I suppose I should unpack my bag and get into bed. Ah... and the bottle is now OH SO EMPTY!!!


Blogger PJ said...

I hate those calls.

I'm glad they're having a proper ceremony for your grandfather.

Sorry you have to take a rest this cycle.

Blogger Julie said...

Email me baby and I'll give you the dish. They are the bomb diggity!

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