Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Why I Eat Dinner Sans Shirt...
Exhibit A:
White t-shirts are a magnet for red food stuff... red wine, nectarine juice, spaghetti sauce, bbq sauce. You name it. If I try to eat it while wearing a white shirt I will spill it all over myself.

Exhibit B:
Apparently, so are plaid pants.

Exhibit C:
The end result is having to wash your clothes in the hotel sink. See, I should have just remained t0pl3ss! Oh yeah, and the OPK wasn't quite positive yet. Hooray for me!


Anonymous anne said...

I hope tomorrow's opk is perfect for you! That sucks that you have to travel again.....

Blogger PJ said...

As Anne said, I hope tomorrow's OPK brings good news.

I also hope you were able to get that stain out.

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