Thursday, August 18, 2005
An Update and Rambling...
Tonight I take my last Clomid pill. I am glad to be finished with them. I hate taking pills and anything over my one vitamin a day freaks me out. No major goings on with me… I went in for a visit with the Wand Monkey after my period disappeared on day two. Nurse Not My Normal Nurse (who I had to talk to because Nurse NAN had to run off and get married and was on her honeymoon – how dare she?!) was concerned that something may be amiss. My normal WM was also on vacation (apparently they were between IVF cycles and the whole staff took advantage of the situation and went on vacation) and I was greeted (30 minutes late) by Big Momma WM – who had the personality of cow, no sense of humor and a not so gentle touch. I don’t know much as Big Momma WM was not forthcoming with information like Normal WM. Here is the sum total of what I got out of her “hmmmm…. Lining is thin, less than 1… oh looks like we have something over here but it is less than ten so you are okay to proceed”. Nice… I pay $210 bucks and that is what I get. Ah, bahhh… it is my only complaint about the RE’s office so far and I am very hard to please.

Things at work are busy. Good, but busy. I have not had much time to post lately and for that I apologize. One good thing about being on the road all the time was the unlimited Internet/blogging time I had in the evenings. Now that I am at home I have to be social and cook dinner and clean the house and stuff. I guess I shouldn’t complain – at least I am home with Husband. We have discussed getting a laptop so that we can sit in the living room and play on the Internet (our whole house is wired so all we have to do is plug in and go). I think we should probably hold of until after football season though, I can only imagine the conversations that will ensue:

Husband: Can I have the laptop? I need to check my fantasy football team.

P.: In a minute, I am in the middle of publishing a post.

Husband: Can’t that wait? [insert football player/team name] just scored and I need to know if I am winning RIGHT NOW.

P.: Does it really matter if you are winning RIGHT NOW? Isn’t it the final score on Tuesday night that matters? (Dog wakes up from her nap and looks at us – she hates when we bicker)

Husband: No, it is the score right now. If [insert football player/team name] does [insert action] then [insert fantasy football opponent name here] might get ahead and I will need [insert football player/team name] to do [insert action] for me to win. (Franticly switches between the picture in picture and the two different receivers on the cable box to make sure that he isn’t missing any action)

P.: You are obsessed. Just because you know what needs to happen doesn’t mean you can will it to happen.

Husband: Maybe it does – I’m going upstairs to check my score.

P.: Good. I win.

I am one of those girls that can sit through a long scoreless baseball game and never lose interest, but football puts me to sleep in minutes.

Tomorrow is my day off. I am going to get my hair highlighted for the first time in three years. It didn’t turn very blonde this summer and I have decided that it is time to resort to chemicals to get back to that light, fun and sassy color that I used to be. Saturday we have a wedding to go to and Sunday starts OPK hell. Wish me luck and have a fun weekend if I don’t check back.


Anonymous Z said...

LOVED the fantasy football conversation. sounds eerily familiar!

good luck with the hair. hope to see some pics of your new do.

Blogger Larisa said... my husband bought a wireless card for my work laptop JUST so we could have the same conversation. Loved it...have fun with the highlights!

Blogger elle said...

ooh, sassy blonde! Have fun this weekend.

Blogger PJ said...

Good luck to you P. Have fun with the new hair. I got mine cut pretty short a few weeks ago and I love it.

Blogger Nico said...

Loved the fantasy fantsay football conversation. You're a riot!

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