Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Seven Things...
Sheryl tagged me… and I finally found time to play!  Enjoy.

Seven things I plan to do before I die…
1.  Raise a family
2.  Visit every major league baseball park in North America
3.  Go on a Mediterranean cruise
4.  Make an impression on someone’s life
5.  Run a marathon
6.  Play golf in Ireland
7.  Own a little house on a big chunk of land in the mountains

Seven things I can do…
1.  Spin really fast and with some style on figure skates
2.  Cook a wicked good meal
3.  Recite the first 45 minutes of Good Will Hunting verbatim
4.  Figure big math problems in my head
5.  P…r…o…c…r…a…s…t…i…n…a...t…e…
6.  Multi-task
7.  Read, really, really fast.

Seven things I cannot do…
(at the present time, because honestly, I can do anything I put my mind to!)
1.  Knit, sew or anything related
2.  Keep up with Husband when we go on a bike ride
3.  Hold a tune
4.  Drive in the dark
5.  Remember the name of bands/artists
6.  Throw a football
7.  Think of anything to add here…

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex…
1.  Straight, white teeth.
2.  A nice tight behind
3.  Sincerity
4.  Honesty
5.  Sense of humor
6.  Dark hair and eyes
7.  Passion (towards anything)

Seven things I say most often…
1.  Whatever.
2.  Does that make sense?
3.  Husband!!!
4.  Dammit!
5.  What kind of wine do you want?
6.  That’s so not cool.
7. Where’re my girls? (re: my dog and cat when I come home from work)

Seven celebrity crushes…
1.  Matt Damon
2.  Matthew McConaughey
3.  Matt Mantei (Red Sox Pitcher)
4.  Johnny Depp
5.  Josh Hartnett
6.  Josh Lucas
7.  Patrick Dempsy

Seven people I want to do this…
1.  Husband
2.  Z.
3.  ZHL
4.  Kate #2
5.  April
6.  Elle
7.  Mel


Anonymous T said...

A wicked good meal?! What are you - a boston girl?

Blogger Mellie said...

Matt Mantei - really? And T's right - you must be a fellow Boston girl!

I promise to play soon. Hope the non-smoking 2ww is still treating you okay.

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