Tuesday, June 21, 2005
The specs...
I made it through my first IUI. Nothing to it. It wasn't bad at all. I really like Dr. Funny's nurse, I will have to come up with a funny nick name for her! She was training a new nurse so I had two people to attend to me today. I did my ultrasound first and they found two mature follies, one at 28mm and one at 18mm. Nurse Needs A Funny Nickname said that the 28mm one would definitely release an egg and she was fairly confident that the 18mm one would too. My lining was "perfect" at 8.5 with multiple layers. This was the ting I was most concerned about so this news brought me great relief. Husband gets an A+ for his performance, final numbers post-wash, 22.03 million at 90% motility. WOOO HOOO!! I have to go back in tomorrow morning for one more ultrasound to confirm ovulation and then two blood draws next week to check my progesterone levels. They don't want me to HPT until July 6th. Boy is that a LONG time away!

All and all I feel pretty good about everything. Now we just wait. Thank you all for your warm wishes!

Edited: I think I have Husbands numbers wrong, he had 51 million post wash with 90% motility, resulting in "22.03 million motile sperm". I am still not sure I am reading that correctly, but regardless the numbers look okay, right?!


Blogger Donna said...

Yes, good numbers!! Don't worry about that. Now you just get to incubating, young lady.

Blogger Suz said...

Your husband's numbers are good, especially in a post wash! Take care of yourself and good luck!!

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