Friday, June 17, 2005
Rants and Question...
First - If you choose to buy a gas guzling 4x4, lower it and put big fat tires on it... take a driving lesson and learn how to keep said big fat tires in your own lane! Why anyone in this state would do that to a 4x4 is beyond me... I can't imagine that it does well in the snow and ice.

Second - It is not polite to go to Starbucks in the height of the morning rush with orders from ten of your co-workers and they pay for them SEPERATELY! Do you have any idea how late you made me for work yesterday you little winch?

My question is this... I am CD10 and just finished my Clomid last night. Usually on Clomid I am drier than the Arizona desert in July. This month, not so much (check the chart if you want details). I am concerned that my little body is going to push out an egg too soon and I am going to miss it but I think I heard that OPK's can give false positives if taken too close behind the drugs? I am not supposed to start my OPK's until Sunday but I want to start tonight. Any suggestions?


Blogger Donna said...

OPKs can certainly be thrown off by the Clomid. Also your temp can be affected, so whatever reading you get probably isn't going to be right. I'm hoping your symptoms mean you are going to have a few good eggs, at just the right time.

Blogger Suz said...

I know little about OPK's (severe male factor, go straight to IVF), but I do know about the co-worker ordering thing and paying separately at Starbucks. Why do people do that? Why? Why?

It's so rude.

Blogger Julie said...

I don't think it will cause an early ovulation. Maybe just more eggs? Yes, it can definatly mess up CM & temps

Blogger PJ said...

Sorry, no assvice on the OPK thing. In my experience with OPKs is that they're torture devices from hell. I'd never use them again.

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