Tuesday, June 07, 2005
The Upside and The Downside...
... the upside is that my body seems to be cooperating with my previous request and there is no sign of my period arriving today. I do have PMS and my temperature is falling but I should be fine now to have my CD3 bloodwork and a baseline ultrasound done with my consulation on Friday.

... the downside is that if my body doesn't fulfill my next request I will end up ovulating in June while my Husband is out of town. This is a trip that can not be cancelled or postponed. I am wondering if I should request an unmedicated IUI this cycle if I get the all clear since I NEVER ovulate later than day 15 on my own and that would enable us to do the IUI before leaving town. I am concerned that if I do any type of drug it will postpone ovulation and then I will be fucked, fucked and fucked! According to my stats I will be out of town during the begining of my cycle and ovulation in July and I will be out of town during the begining of my August cycle.

I swear we can't get a break and I am NOT game for postponing treatment until September. Something is going to have to give... I think it is time for a talk with the boss.


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