Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Commercial printers are stronger than you would think...
... I know this because I just dropped a huge, HP LaserJet on the floor and it exploded into fifteen pieces. Of course, it decided to stop and have a visit with my knee cap on the way down which is now bruised and bloody. At least it didn't rip my favorite pants - then I would be pissed. Anyway, as I felt the printer coming apart (note to self... printers with more than one paper drawer are not necessarily attached into one piece) I started to panic. You see, this is not my printer, nor is it Employers printer. Rather it is the printer of the company whose office I am currently working in. It's bad enough to think that you are busting Employers office equipment, but Not Employers is down right scary. I spent the last fifteen minutes putting the pieces back together (thank goodness I am slightly mechanically inclined) and IT STILL WORKS! Phew.... I can breath now. Anyone have an ice pack?


Blogger Donna said...

Just wanted to give you a shout out, I just found your blog and I've gotten all caught up. I'm not one of the Really Cool Blogkids but I am loyal. Once I've found someone I like to read I read every day and I comment too! Added bonus. Check out my blog, I'm 41 and considering surrogacy after 3+ years TTC (unsuccessfully, of course). I'm linking your blog on mine too.

Blogger Jamila said...

oh, no! I hope you recover as well as the printer did. I can't believe you reassembled it!

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