Wednesday, May 25, 2005
How I spend my nights on the road...
1. Drinking beer.

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2. Eating a meal that I didn't cook and don't have to clean up after.

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3. Blogging...

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4. Doing it ALL while sitting in bed watching American Idol. Go Bo, or Carrie, or Bo, or maybe Carrie. Oh I don't care... they are both great and I will probably buy both of their albums.

PS - bought Kelly Clarkson this week to listen to on one of my many upcoming trips... it ROCKS! Trust me - it does!


Blogger Suz said...

He. he. he.

As a fellow road warrior, I understand. Just replace the RR with a cosmo and you have MY hotel room.

Anonymous Boulder said...

First CD or second? I have both, but LOVE the second. The first was an after thought, with a couple of songs that I like, but the second one? Well, I have that in the car CD now & listen ALL the time.

Feel for you on the road lifestyle. Did a different version of the travel game - airplanes, rental cars, hotel rooms, and meeting with companies where there wasn't a WOMEN's restroom on the executive floor...


Anonymous P. said...

I bought the first - but now I am going to have go and get the second! Oh I can't wait! New music for the drive next week :o)

NO Women's restroom! That is just NOT right. Gotta love the Good 'Ole Boy's Club mentality. I see it all the time.

Anonymous Sarah said...

OMG: I am totally on the road right now too. Just substitute "cheap wine" for "beer" and "reruns of whatever happens to be on" for "American Idol." Did you, like me, look for hotels that had free internet?

Love it!

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