Wednesday, May 18, 2005
A little help?!
So - I just realized that TiVo didn't record Gilmore Girls for me last night. Instead it picked American Idol. Shame on me for having my Season Pass Manager all out of whack! Anyone want to tell me what happened?

My temperatures are finally leveling out. They were SO crazy there for a little while - very strange for me. Anyway, things are starting to get going down there and I am very anxious to get home (wink, wink)... I usually ovulate a bit earlier off the drugs than I do on the drugs so hopefully my body will throw me a bone and I will ovulate Sunday afternoon or Monday morning after a full weekend of "I missed you lovin'" and before I have to hit the road for work again.


Anonymous Jamila said...

omg, you're a GG fan?!?!?! I can't believe you missed the finale. It was soooo heartbreaking.

Rory, fresh from jail and charged with a felony, decides to "take time off" to reasses her goals, thanks to Mitchum telling her she's not fit to be a journalist. Lorelai sees this as dropping out of Yale and asks Richard and Emily to back her in forching Rory to go back and they plan to have a 3-way intervention with Rory.

But Rory shows up and cries to Grandpa, and they stab Lorelai in the back by letting Rory move into the poolhouse until she decides what she wants to do. There's a wrenching scene of Lorelai standing by the pool, watching Rory unpack in the poolhouse. Rory looks up and sees her, then looks away. Lorelai walks away without talking to her. *sob*

In L&L news, Luke buys the Twickham house, then goes to the Inn and sees the big gift basket that Lorelai received from the people who are still wooing her to sell them the Inn and become their consultant. She had apparently NEVER MENTIONED this job possibility to Luke (they have communication issues), and he freaks out and says something about "the kids" and then storms out and tells Taylor he doesn't want the Twickham house anymore.

At the end though, when Lorelai goes to tell him about Rory quitting school, and Richard and Emily's backstabbing, he totally takes her side and rants about how they're going to kidnap Rory and make her go back to school, and how they'll take turns walking her to class..... She gets this fabulous beautific look on her face, overwhelmed with love and gratitude for his support. He stops yelling and she says, dead seriously, "Luke.....will you marry me?" He looks stunned and says "WHAT?"



Anonymous P. said...

Thanks. I feel SO much better now!

How you doin'? Hangin' in there?

Anonymous Jamila said...

comme ci, comme ca. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! After all my bitching and kvetching .... Close in 3 weeks! Then I may have to go back to Morocco for work like IMMEDIATELY after, and then we can move in. I love it so much, but I'm still shellshocked b/c it happened so fast. I saw it Sunday, DH hasn't seen it at all. We put the offer in on Monday and almost didn't get it thanks to another offer. But then 11 pm Monday night we signed the final papers. SO excited.

Anonymous P. said...

Oh VERY exciting. I want details! Where, how big? Big lot, little lot? New, old? Favorite part? Pictures? Geesh!

Morocco - FUN! You have to remind me what you do for a living.

Send me an email so you don't have to post in public :O)

Blogger Mellie said...

Stupid tivo recorded GG for me, but switched to record Sex and the City with probably less than a minute left. I couldn't believe it!!! I missed the proposal!

Blogger Nico said...

Sounds like we watch a lot of the same Tivo shows. I'm very close to giving up on Gilmore Girls though - the characters are getting a little annoying!

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