Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Fertility Drugs are the Enemy!
Someone shoot me. Really. Please? Any volunteers?

Clomid is the drug of the devil. It gives me insane headaces, bloats me up like a dead cow tangled up in barb wire and the cramp... OH MY GOD... the cramps. And the bleeding? Like a stuck pig!

I have never felt as much pain as I have during my period for the last four months. This is stupid, I don't know if I can do it anymore.

I need wine and a bath and some wine.... and maybe a Vicodin (or four).


Anonymous Jamila said...

I will not shoot you. I will, however, wholeheartedly agree with you about Clomid though, and I will also FexEx you wine and Percoset. Red or white?

Hope you feel better soon. Can you take the day off and have a "sit in dirty jammies watching favorite movies and eating incontrollably" day?

Anonymous P. said...

You ROCK! And yes - you are the ONE. I thought it was probably you :o)

I would appreciate some red wine please, Shiraz if beggers can be choosers. I can't sit around in jammies all day because DH and I did that last Monday. We were both exhausted and needed a mental health day.

I tried to move my appointment up yesterday, but with my travel schedule and the limited number of "consult" slots they have I couldn't get an earlier date. Cross your fingers and hope I make it a full 30 days again this cycle.

No Clomid this month. I will be away from DH from M-TH every week for the next for weeks and I am not putting my body through the hell just to have fucked up timing! My luck I would O on a Thursday and we would have a 4 day cut-off! I am still going to chart this month but that is it.

Anonymous P. said...

Oh yeah...

Thanks for commenting. I feel loved now!

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