Wednesday, May 11, 2005
A huge shout out to Julie who managed to get over 500 people to my blog in one day by posting a link to me on her blog. Julie - YOU ROCK!

I am making it through CD2 just fine. Much better than yesterday! Too bad I can't be at home curled up with a book today. It is raining and chilly and grey and gloomy. I have at least three half-finished books that deserve more attention than anything on my desk at work.

On the non TTC front... Two and a half years ago when I was going through emotional hell I went to a therapist to help get some perspective and advice. Six sessions and a couple hundred bucks later she came up with the following suggestions: Talk more with those close to me about how I feel, take a vacation, and hire someone to clean my house. I have finally completed my homework Dr. H. - the house-keeper comes on Friday and I am SO excited!!! Now if they will just clean the hardwood floors the way I want them to I won't have to fire them :o)


Blogger Mellie said...

As a fellow blogger grateful for Julie's link, I thought I should drop you a line and wish you luck this cycle. CD2 means possibility! Glad to read that you have an appt. with an RE scheduled - June 10th will be here before you know it. Much luck to you. I'll keep following your journey.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi- I just found your blog and after reading your 100 comments I am amazed at how much I have in common with you. I am on my third cycle of clomid. I wish you had an email address posted.

Anonymous P. said...

Ask and you shall receive...

motherofnone AT

Anonymous Jamila said...

a housekeeper!! I am so jealous!!!! Good for you for taking steps to feel better about stuff!

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