Monday, May 16, 2005
Why Traveling For Work SUCKS!
1. You inevitably end up in a cow-town 1/1450 the size of the town you are from.
2. Drinking a beer in said cow-town by yourself is just pathetic.
3. The crappy hotel you have to stay in doesn't have a bar so you have to drive to above bar to have a beer by yourself.
4. The crappy cow-town has too many cops with nothing to do so drinking more than one beer with dinner and driving back to crappy hotel means risking a DUI and all that entails.
5. The only people in the bar that is not in the crappy hotel in the cow town resemble your grandparents more than your peers.
6. The TV in your crappy hotel room only gets 10 channels and most of them are full of static.
7. You have to completely jerry-rig the network cord to stretch from the desk to the bed because, SERIOUSLY, who wants to sit at a desk to type on a computer?! The bed is soooo much better!
8. You miss your husband, your dog, your cat and your bed. You are lonely and sad and you aren't. getting. laid.

At least it is only day seven, I only have to be away from home for three nights and there will be plenty of "I miss you" lovin' waiting for me when I get home.


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