Wednesday, May 25, 2005
My temperature went up this morning and I am fairly confident that ovulation took place yesterday. We will have to see what the next couple of days brings. We ended up with a two day cut-off... not good but not horrible I guess. Ah, back to waiting. On a positive note, as long as my LP doesn't go completely wacky this cycle I should be on CD3 the day that I meet with the RE. If this is the case they will do all my CD3 tests them same day as my consult and I won't have to wait until July!

Dear Body,

Please throw me a bone. I would like to not start my period until Wednesday, June 7th. This is a small favor that I ask of you. Please don't fuck this up for me.




Blogger K said...

I love the letter to your body, I hope it listens!

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