Monday, May 23, 2005
Knew all along, I think she did...
Ah - I can't get the little green guy's voice out of my head!!! Husband and I went to the late showing of Star Wars on Thursday night. I have to say I think it was my favorite of the new ones! It was a long night after 4 1/2 hours of travel home, but SO worth it. I love going on "dates".

Anyway, with regard to my Yoda comment... I was visiting with my neighbor on Saturday afternoon and she mentioned that after she was done with grad-school next May she and her husband were going to look into adopting a baby (she is 40 and has one biological son). I asked her if she had completely dismissed the idea of having another one of her own (must preface this so you don't all think I am an ass! We have talked about her having another one at 40+ before) and she revealed to me that having babies required that she be on bed rest for the whole pregnancy and she didn't know if she could do it again. I invited her over for dinner and drinks and what do you think I found out... she is a fellow infertile. I have a real-life shoulder to cry on now and I am SO happy. I found out that it took her ten years to have her son, that she lost triplets at 18 weeks and had multiple other miscarriages. She has taken Pergonal and Clomid. SHE UNDERSTANDS!!!

So here is the question - did she know all along? Had she sniffed me out and identified me as one of her breed? Did she recognize the depressed, drugs not working, not pregnant, dirty sweatpants wearing, wine guzzling infertile that lived next door? I think she did and I am glad.


Blogger Jamila said...

aw, sweet! I'm glad you were both able to come clean with each other.

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