Wednesday, June 01, 2005
This cracked me up!
Check it out... I thought it was really funny!

Store Wars

Things are just plugging away for me. I am back on the road again. Two more weeks and then I get a little break! Wooo hooo. Only ten more days until my appointment with the RE. I got all of my paperwork mailed of on Tuesday so they should have plenty of time to review my file and past medical records before I go in for my consultation.

I didn't get to updating my links this weekend... I am a bad blogger! Soon, I swear it is coming soon!

Big hugs to my virtual friends out there. I know a few of you are having a harder than average week. I am thinking about ya!


Blogger Larisa said...

I watched it and sent to dh. Haha. I like Darth Tater.

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