Sunday, June 19, 2005
So Husband and I went out to dinner last night at the Black Eyed Pea (so NOT just for old people anymore). It was freezing in the restaurant so I went out to the car to get a jacket. I asked Husband to order me a beer. When I returned from the car he told me that the "tween" (you can serve liquor at 18 in my state) refused to bring my beer until he saw me. I can respect this, I am all about a responsible alcohol policy, and so I wait. A few minutes later he drops of my husband's drink and says, "You want a Corona", I say "yes, please" and he BARKS - no exaguration, "ID!", and something came over me and I barked back in my shitiest, meanest voice, "id, please?!" He got all offended and flustered after I verbally bitch slapped him - especially because his manager was standing right behind him and heard the whole thing! We got in the car to head home and hour later and Husband and I were still laughing about it. We were talking about how I usually just sit there dumbfounded and am never quick enough to put someone back in their place. Husband finally determined, and I think I agree, that it was pure Clomid rage.

So, to the tween with the spiky hair and the poor manners, I am sorry that I raged at you and got you in trouble with your boss. You should thank my husband next time you see him for the tip, because it wasn't what I was going to leave you with.


Blogger Jamila said...

Honey, do NOT be sorry! He deserved it!

Blogger Larisa said...

You go girl!

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