Thursday, October 06, 2005
Moving on...
Things at lunch time were not so good - I was in an ugly place. But, work is over now, I have had two large glasses of shiraz, a big old pizza and a good cuddle with my dog - the tears have been dried and now I am ready to move on. Turns out that Nurse Not My Nurse gave me wrong information and a re-group needs to be scheduled prior to CD1. She pretty much screwed me for this cycle and Nurse Nice was very appologetic about it. We are going ahead with the same protocol AGAIN and will schedule a re-group with the RE during my next two week wait.

Sooooo... that is where we are. Not pregnant, busy at work, drinking wine and eating pizza - but NOT smoking. Funny how things change and yet they stay the same.


Blogger Nico said...

Oooohh, that is so incredibly frustrating to have been given the wrong information by the stupid nurse. One of the things I hate about all this is how you can never speak to a doctor - everything has to come through the nurses. And thus, things can get messed up in translation.

Having had to miss two cycles now because of cysts I know that it feels like a month is forever away. But it's not. You'll get there. And maybe the cycle you do while you wait will be it.

And I'm so glad you're still not smoking. I'm so impressed that you're managing to stick with quitting through all this stress.

Blogger Sheryl said...

Oh those nasty ass nurses :( I'm sorry P.

Have a good few glasses of wine... have a relaxing weekend... but no smoking!!

Anonymous Lori said...

That's great that you've been able to deal with all this without smoking! You rock! Even though I quit several years ago, there have been times going through all this that I've been pretty tempted. It's not easy but it sounds like you're doing great with it.
What crap to not have been given the correct info from the nurse. Ggrr!

Anonymous Z said...

i'm so sorry that incompetent nurse messed things up for you...{{HUGS}}

Blogger Larisa said...

How frustrating about the nurse's confusion - that just sucks.

I'm impressed you aren't smoking - still quite the accomplishment in my book.

Blogger zhl said...

Congratulations on the not smoking, even after the ridiculous "mistake" by the nurses. It's such a shame that too many IF nurses just don't get how much it hurts to be delayed.

Hang in there.

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