Monday, October 10, 2005
Um Yeah... is still snowing:

... and it appears that my previous photo essay may have led some to believe that I like the Yank's... particularly Derek Jeter. This in fact is as far from the truth as possible. I don't like the Yankees even one little bit and while Derek is good looking and definitely do'able.... he plays for the wrong team. It just so happened that he was up to bat when I snapped the picture last night.

I am home because it is Columbus Day and my office is closed today. I had planned to do some work from home but the snow and the gray weather has made me quite lazy. I also have to go to the pharmacy to pick up my Cl0mid sometime today - unless I can convince Husband to stop there on the way home for me.

I am making a gigantic pot of chili and plan to make a rhubarb crunch this afternoon. I wanted to get my links updated this weekend but I forgot to bring the disc that I burned all of my work links onto home :o( Hopefully I will have time sometime this week. There are so many of you out there that I read and need to get added to my list.

Alrighty - well I am off to do some laundry, and some baking, some painting and some napping. Happy Monday!


Blogger elle said...

Wow, snow! Hopefully, we have six weeks to go before we see the white stuff.

Blogger Miss W said...

Holy hell! Just seeing that snow scares me now that I have moved to one of the snowiest cities in the US (damn lake effects!). On the other hand, just knowing it's almost winter makes me's all coming :) (WTF, I've turned into some sort of Pollyanna this evening?)

Anonymous anne said...

Chili and rhubarb crunch??!! Yum- can I come to your house for dinner? I cannot believe all of that snow in October, but I am jealous of your baking-and-napping-day. By the way, your kitchen is awesome!

Anonymous T said...

Well PHEW! I'm thinking that your many other Jeter commenters just emailed you, huh? Yeah, heh, heh.

Funny enough I thought of making chili yesterday and actually made apple crunch/crumble, whatever the hell it is.

Blogger Sandy said...

I tried to comment yesterday but see that it got lost in never never land. New to your blog, but think we are kindred spirits. Hope the snow has stopped! (and when you're getting sympathy from a Canadian about snow, it's bad!)

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