Thursday, November 10, 2005
Four Day Weekends...
... are the best thing in the world. Tomorrow is a holiday where I work, it was also am supposed to be my day off. So, I took today off instead of tomorrow and ended up with a four day weekend. So far I have done nothing but clear out my work email (25 emails before 10am) and catch up on all of my TiVo'd/DVR'd shows. I still have like five hours to catch up on - geez I watch too much tv!

I am on day eight and looking forward to being done with the Clomid. Husband goes in for his repeat SA tomorrow. Keep you fingers crossed for us that everything comes out wonderful! Next week is IUI #5 and then the wait. God I feel like a broken record sometimes!

I can't believe that it is already November and that we are making plans for Christmas and Thanksgiving. More on those details later... right now I have to cook lunch, clean the kitchen, do the laundry and prep dinner! I am such a busy little beaver!

See ya!


Anonymous anne said...

I hope this is the one for you!! Good luck with #5!!

Anonymous thalia said...

Hope it all turns out ok.

Blogger elle said...

4 day weekends do rule. Hope you enjoyed yours. And hoping of course, that this will be the last catheter insertion you will see for a long, long time.

Blogger Sarah said...

Good luck!

4 day weekends are the best. As next week is Thanksgiving, I'll get one then.

I know what you mean about work emails...I just went through about 35 this morning...of course, 15 were "FW:" from this one person who must send me every single forward they get. I go "delete. next. delete. next..."

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