Wednesday, March 01, 2006
I have three visits with the Wand Monkey and three blood draws under my belt. It seems that my right side is cranking out the follicles and the left side is asleep. On Sunday my E2 was around 400 and yesterday it was over 1400. They are monitoring me closely since my number jumped so much and since I have one follie leading the pack on the right side. They told me to expect retrieval this weekend, but not to be surprised if it happened on Friday. So far they have not reduced the amount of Men0pur or Bra velle that I am shooting up but I kind of expect that to change today. Today s ultrasound showed 10 measurable follicles, 8 on the right and two on the left. They range in size from 9mm to 18mm with most in the 12-14mm range and my lining looks good at 12.4mm.

I have officially outgrown most of my clothes. Although I can still technically button my pants they bloat underneath is so. not. attractive! There have already been rumors flying around my office that am knocked - swear I will bitch slap the first person with the balls to ask! Yesterday I had a hormone induced mental breakdown at lunch and had to go and buy a shirt (or two) to hide the bloat. Luckily I work in the downtown district of a major metropolitan city and there is plenty of good shopping within walking distance!

Updated to add pictures and mention that today's E2 was over 1800!

Here are the two that I bought:

Here is the one that I want:

I have never worn a shirt with an empire waist in my life and therefore my coworker advised that I not purchase this until I am ready to discuss the growing belly.


Blogger Donna said...

Retail therapy is the best! Can't wait to hear about the retrieval.

Anonymous thalia said...

Numbers sound good - all those 12-14s will be ready by Friday. The fear of ppl asking if I'm pregnant due to the bloat was one of my worst tensions during the cycle - I'm glad you've been able to cover yours up!

Blogger Nico said...

Sounds like your follicles are growing well. Crossing everything!!!

Anonymous Erin said...

That is exactly why I recently decided to work in a place where everyone is over 55--no gossipmongers. Good luck with them, and bitchslap them if you have to, if they think you're pregnant they'll just figure it was the hormones!

Best wishes for your retrieval!

Blogger Larisa said...

Hope that everything continues to go well, and good luck tomorrow (if that's when retrieval is).

Sorry about the bloat - hope no one asks that dreaded question.

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