Wednesday, October 04, 2006
On March 4th, 7 months ago today, we went through our first IVF retrieval.  It was scary and exciting and in the end, heartbreaking.  We have spent the past seven months healing, being a family of two, reconnecting with each other, and finding a revived passion for our life.  Today we moved on.

After much thought and discussion we decided that it was time to re-group.  Literally.  We met with Dr. Funny today.  You may remember that a couple months back I was struggling whether to continue with Dr. Funny or move on to The. Number. One. Clinic. In. The. Country.  I made the decision to stick with Dr. Funny and I KNOW that it was the right decision.  

Moments after arriving at Dr. Funny’s office I heard “Hi! P!!! – How ARE you???”, it was my first nurse at Dr. Funny’s clinic, the one that did all of my IUIs.  She was pregnant last time I saw her, but has given birth (I assume) and is back to her sweet, petite southern self.  After our meeting with Dr. Funny (details below) we were loitering in the checkout area.  The radiologist (AKA the nicest Wand Monkey EVER) walked by, did a double take and exclaimed, “P!! How are you???”.   We continued to linger in the lobby and were eventually greeted by Nurse Spunky who gave us our drugs (oops spoiler…) and told us how excited she was to see our name on the schedule today.  She apparently wasn’t sure that we would come back.

I can promise you that this never, ever would have happened at the big, fancy clinic.  I know that sticking with Dr. Funny and his AWESOME staff was the best decision for us.  

Alright… I know you all want the details so here they come:

I should be greeted by another teenage-style period (you know the kind… bad cramps, big bloat, gobs of nasty pimples in the t-zone) any day now.  I am on day 28 (hey an infertile girl can try to quit but she is always going to count the days) and expect day one tomorrow or Friday.  BCP will start on approximately October 7th and my next period should be somewhere around October 30-31st (happy 30th birthday to me!!).  Retrieval will be approximately November 10th.

I am excited that in just over a month we will have answers.  Do I have poor egg quality?  Was the last cycle a fluke?  Am I destined to be the biological mother to a child?  Only time will tell.  We don’t have our hopes up and we are approaching this with guided optimism and the intentions of ending up with answers, not an embryo.

With that said, Husband and I have decided to keep this cycle between the two of us.  We are not telling family, friends or acquaintances.  It is none of their business.  When we know something we will share the something that we know.  For now we are leaning on each other, choosing to make this a personal adventure, and hoping that no matter what the end result is we will be able to close the door on 2006 and move on.

For those of you that have continued to check in on me over the past seven months, thank you.  I hope that you will stick around and follow my journey.  I don’t know where we will end up, but I invite you all along for the ride.

PS – “Daddy to Mudd”, if you are still reading, the paragraph above does not apply to you. You are more than welcome to continue to read my blog if you choose to.  Of course, you are getting ready to have your hands FULL with your first little bundle of joy (we can’t wait to hear if it is a boy or a girl) so I am almost positive that you aren’t reading anymore.