Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Something to do on a rainy Tuesday...
It is raining! YIPPPEEE!!! I am so over the high temperatures and the dry weather. Today it is cloudy, raining and the high is only 70!! Woooo Hooooo!

So, which Housewife are you?

I am Lynette.

Monday, July 25, 2005
Spam or Smart Marketing...?
I received the following email today:

Hi there, Here is a great book , I think you maybe would be interested in, Infertility Related Book, written by Author, Co-Author and Co-Author, this book was just released by Large Publishing Company. You could comment this book on your blog and share with your readers. Please send me your mailing address, I will send you a copy. Attachment is the detailed info about this book. Thanks

The email is signed with a full name and the address for the publicity department of the Large Publishing Company (Confirmed by my best friend Mr. Google). I have not opened the attachment which is a MSW0rd document.

Now, I am certainly not going to respond to this person via email, but I thought I might print the email out and mail it directly to the publishing company's address. What do you think? I am usually not one to turn down free reading material...

I am back from HOT Arizona. The services for my grandfather were beautiful. Bless the people who worked so hard to put it together and a huge Thank You! to the local Honor Guard and chapter of the American Legion.

As you know I took an OPK on Tuesday night and it wasn't quite positive. This excited me greatly since I was still out of town. On Wednesday evening I took another OPK and it looked positive - the test line was thinner than the reference, but as dark. On Thursday before I left for Arizona I took another OPK and it was clearly negative. Husband and I had a least given it a shot and I left for the desert feeling happy that we had not completely missed the boat.

Saturday morning I realized that something was amiss. I went to the restroom and realized that I had hit the proverbial TTC jackpot - tons of EWCM. Thinking that it must be a fluke I restricted my fluids, waited four hours and peed on yet another OPK - it was positive almost instantly. Unfortunately, Saturday was a crazy day and we weren't able to to get to business but we made time on Sunday - hopefully we weren't too late. I am pretty sure that I ovulated late yesterday afternoon. I had the typical cramping/pressure on one side (the right side this time) that subsided within a few hours.

Finally, a couple questions for those of you who take prescription prenatal vitamins... What kind do you take? Do you like them? and why? I have been taking PrimaCare for three years, but I have a hard time remembering to take both every day. My RE gave me a bunch of samples, but they are almost gone and I need to make a decision on which kind I want him to call in. Your assvice is appreciated.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Why I Eat Dinner Sans Shirt...
Exhibit A:
White t-shirts are a magnet for red food stuff... red wine, nectarine juice, spaghetti sauce, bbq sauce. You name it. If I try to eat it while wearing a white shirt I will spill it all over myself.

Exhibit B:
Apparently, so are plaid pants.

Exhibit C:
The end result is having to wash your clothes in the hotel sink. See, I should have just remained t0pl3ss! Oh yeah, and the OPK wasn't quite positive yet. Hooray for me!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
It's Jakes Fault...
Tonight I decided that I just couldn't take another meal from a restaurant. I wandered around the grocery store for thirty minutes before I finally called my dad and asked for some suggestions. I heart my daddy - he always has such wonderful ideas. I give you exhibit A, my meal:

Looks good doesn't it. It consists of the following:

1. One bag of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice - Whole Grain Brown flavor (yes, I am eating it out of the bag - I couldn't find a plate to pilfer - but I did manage to find a fork)

2. One bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce - for the rice because I don't have any butter or salt

3. One chunk of Virginia Ham... mmmm ham is delicious and nutritious :o)

4. One bag of Stringless Sugar Snap Peas

5. One tomato - to be eaten like an apple... if you have never done this you need to try. SO. GOOD!

6. One nectarine for desert; and

7. A bottle of Jakes Fault to wash it down with. (I hadn't had a California Shiraz that I liked until this one)

All of this coupled with a good episode of Sex and the City on TBS (the one where Steve and Miranda meet and where Samantha almost bops the old guy with the droopy old man ass) and I am a happy little girl. I bought Harry Potter this weekend and I am working on it. Damn work and traveling has kept me away from it so far. Tomorrow I climb in my car and make the four+ hour journey home for a night with my husband before I get on a plane for the tortuous oven that they call Phoenix. Some days I can't believe that I lived there for as long as I did.

There isn't much going on with me this cycle. I am just waiting patiently for it to be over so that we can move on to another IUI. I am going to do an OPK at some point this evening but I am hoping that it isn't positive yet. Husband and I have 24 hours together from tomorrow evening until Thursday afternoon, so I would much rather it be positive tomorrow. Asking for too much? Probably, but oh well - if you don't ask...

Oh, and before I say good night and dive into my book please keep my little friend Suz close to your heart right now. She is having a rough go of it and is taking a moment for herself, but I want her to know that I am thinking about her... and I am here if she needs me.

Oh - and all of this is taking place while I hang out in nothing but my dress pants and my over-the-shoulder-"not quite boulders"-holder... bwwwaaaaahahahahah. I don't know why I found that funny enough to mention - but I did.

Peace out folks.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Hump day...
... but not humping day because I am still far, far away from home.

I made it through Wednesday. All and all the week has been pretty uneventful. I am bored (not that I don't have a ton to do, it is all just really boring) and my co-workers are driving me crazy! I w on't go into detail here - but suffice it to say... THEY SUCK and they are making my life harder than it already is.

Geesh - I just have nothing to say this fine evening. It is hotter than a mother outside and I am going to hold up in my air conditioned room, catch up on some blogging and eat my typical on the road meal.

Monday, July 11, 2005
Here I am...

Finally, I have a chance to sit down and clear my head! I should preface this message by telling you that I have had almost a whole bottle of this:

Also, I am watching the most hilarious episode of this! God bless high speed internet and cable in the hotel.

As far as the me update... arrangements have FINALLY been made for my grandfather. The family is doing it up right and giving him the full military burial that he deserves and I will be attending. The sacrifice? This cycle. Unfortunately I will be two states away during ovulation. I have left my Clomid stranded at the pharmacy and my ovaries are sleeping soundly. I can't believe that I am taking ANOTHER BREAK! Husband won't be traveling with me (it's going to be a Daddy/Daughter event) and I will be out of town for work the four days before I leave so there is pretty much no chance this month.

I have decided that Nurse Needs A Nickname deserves a medal! I left her a message this morning indicating that I would be taking the cycle off and that I would call her at the start of the next. She called me back at 5:30 this evening to make sure that I was "okay" and to see if "I needed to talk". I heart her and if I ever see her out I will buy her a drink.

I got one of those phone calls that every infertile dreads today.... the "oops, pull and pray doesn't work that well and I am pregnant" call. Yup. Couldn't believe it. I love my friend and I am sure that she will be a great mom, but are you fucking kidding me?!

Seems like there are good things going on out there! I am SOOOOOOO happy for Julie! PS - I want the name of your agency, can you email it to me? And, one of my internet infertile friends delivered a healthy baby girl late last week. Congrats Tiff! And my real life friend Cajun is FINALLY getting married! I am so happy for her and I love her fiance - he ROCKS - even if it took him FOREVER to take the plunge :o)

Good news for me? Seems my insurance covered all of my last cycle except the Clomid, the wash, and the insemination. Cha-Ching... I am all about the $300 IUI! My pocket book hearts insurance loopholes :o) What are the chances that will happen again?

CSI is a re-run... and it is just WRONG to have this movie on ABC! Everything good about the movie is edited out - is just way to crass to make it on a major network. On the upside... my favorite movie is on A&E tomorrow.

Enough rambling... I suppose I should unpack my bag and get into bed. Ah... and the bottle is now OH SO EMPTY!!!

... things have been busy. I have lots to update on but work is crazy. Am traveling again. Will try to post from the hotel tonight.

Thursday, July 07, 2005
Because I have nothing important to say...
You Are Strawberry Ice Cream
A bit shy and sensitive, you are sweet to the core.
You often find yourself on the outside looking in.
Insightful and pensive, you really understand how the world works.
You are most compatible with chocolate chip ice cream.

I don't have much to say today. I am very sad about this and this, and my problems seem silly right now. So, in honor of it being over 90 degrees today - an ice cream poll. Please come back and let me know what flavor you are!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Second verse, same as the first...
... BBT = 97.22, FRED = Negative, Period = Imminent.

On to another cycle. This one should look just like last. I don't think Dr. Funny is going to want to change my protocol at all. I need to get my financing lined up, we can pay for almost everything in cash, but I don't want to put the balance on a credit card. I HATE revolving credit debt!

Please keep my friend Jamila and her friend's family in your thoughts! They are going through a parents worst nightmare right now.

Oh - and give my friend Anne some love... she just started her own blog. She is a sweet girl and has been a great source of support for me over the past couple of months!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
The weekend...
Well, first things first, I managed NOT to pee on anything this weekend. Resisting temptation was hard, but Husband really wanted me to wait until tomorrow, so I am going to. Hope is fading away. My boobs are not nearly as sore today as they were on Saturday which is usually a sign that the bleeding is about to begin. We will see what the next couple of days brings.

Our holiday weekend was pretty good until yesterday. Friday night we went out for Sushi with some friends, Saturday I went and got a pedicure and went to the driving range and we had some friends over for dinner. Sunday we played golf in the morning and watched movies ALL afternoon and evening! Yesterday we slept in, had a good breakfast, took a nap, had some dinner and went up on the hill by our house to watch the fireworks. Overall it was a peaceful and relaxing weekend. We did get some sad news that my grandfather passed away yesterday morning. He has been very ill with Parkinson's disease for many, many years so it wasn't completely unexpected. But still, it hits you in the gut when it finally happens. Arrangements are being made today and I need to decide if I am going to travel to services or not. I haven't decided yet.

So, a question for you all. Have any of you financed your infertility? Anyone tried this program? Anyone have any suggestions for other programs? My RE doesn't participate in any type of shared-risk program so that option is out... BUMMER! I know these are very personal questions so if you choose to respond and don't want to post a public comment please feel free to email me directly.

Friday, July 01, 2005
Eating my words...
... you know that comment I posted this morning, the one about wanting to know everything because it helped me stay in control of my emotions? No? Okay, here it is. I am eating my words now. Here are the numbers:

7DPO Progesterone = 33

10DPO Progesterone = 21

Now, Dr. Google tells me that these numbers are good, and Nurse Needs a Nickname told me that there was no problem with today's being lower than Tuesdays as long as they were both over 10. I guess my brain is jut having a hard time wrapping itself around the idea that this isn't a problem... I mean numbers are supposed to be going UP at this point, aren't they?

Damn, damn, damn... resisting the urge to pee on something this weekend is going to be hard!

Happy 4th to all my US readers. Stay safe and have fun!

Thank you...
Thank you all for your nice comments and warm wishes. Yesterday was a rough day, but I had a good cry last night and I feel better today. Today I went in for my second Progesterone draw and I will have my numbers for both Tuesday and today sometime this afternoon. I love the phlebotomist at my RE's office! She has done two of my recent blood draws and I haven't felt the needle either time. I also haven't bruised which I ALWAYS do!

I am still exhausted and really don't want to be at work today. At least it is Friday and I have a three day weekend! Woo hoo!! I am trying to talk Husband into painting something in our not-so-new-anymore house. I am thinking we will start with the kitchen or the downstairs powder room...